"For Daddy"

Flannel Rag Lap Throw, my own design (OK, no design, I just threw it together…). This was a Christmas present for my dad.

The squares are 9″ cut, with a 1/2″ seam allowance for ragging. Since he lives in Texas, I went with three layers of flannel and didn’t use batting in the middle of the squares. This was easy & fun to put together, but sure made a mess in my washer & dryer when I ran it through to fluff the rag seams.

4 thoughts on “"For Daddy"

  1. Thanks – this was actually my first rag quilt. I splurged on the fiskars self-opening (spring-loaded) rag snips, so I didn't get as tired as I might have. But, yes, it did take a while to clip all those seams!

  2. Lovely – and I'll bet great for those "cool" Mo winters! Bet you miss Austin… where it was 45 this morning, and will be 75 before the day is out! Glad to find your blog…- Karen Alexander -KarenQuiltsLife.blogspot.com

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