The Next Generation of Quilting

This is my 6 year old daughter proudly holding up her very first finished quilt. A great start, don’t ya think?
Her grandma gave her this Moda “Learn to Sew” kit for Christmas, so while her big brother was away at Bible camp this week we decided we would have “Quilt Camp.” The kit contained everything she needed for the quilt top (one set of “Recess” charm squares), as well as yarn for tying the quilt & pre-made binding.

On Tuesday, we decided on a layout and started assembling the rows, with her sitting in my lap running the sewing machine while I helped her guide the fabric. Wednesday morning, we finished the quilt top and that afternoon we basted and tied the quilt together. Thursday she helped sew the binding on, and I finished off with the blind stitching by hand. A bit more practice (and age) & she’ll be able to do the whole thing by herself!

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