“School’s Out”


(*Unquilted top – will replace photo with updated finished quilt)

As I ease back into stitching, I thought a small, simple throw was about right. This is a fun, little romp that I threw together in about 2 days! Lap size quilt, uses one layer cake of Moda’s La Petite École by French General. The “pattern” was taken from Strawberry Fields Forever! on Moda’s Bake Shop blog. And I think the outcome is adorable!

The name has multiple meanings, as do most of my quilt names. “School’s Out” refers first to the name of the fabric: La Petite École, which translates to “The Little School.” (Yay! Putting my French degree to good use – LOL) And since this pattern seems to ignore all the “rules” of polite quilting with its wonky angles and free-spirited cutting, I thought it was like that first day when school lets out for the year, when the kids all celebrate the end of schoolroom rules. Finally, most of the work piecing was done while my kids enjoyed some free time from schoolwork to go play in the mountains of snow we’ve gotten this past week or so. Hence, “School’s Out.”

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