"Whimsical Girls"

When I saw Moda’s “Whimsy” line, I knew it just HAD to be made into a baby girl quilt! So I grabbed a few charm packs and did another disappearing 9-patch using the darker pink/red squares for the centers. It’s backed with the green polka-dot fabric from the line (thought it would hide dirt better than some other choices, plus I LOVE polka dots) and long-arm quilted with crib hearts. There were several charms left over from the quilt, so I thought I’d make a “Mini Charmer” bag for Mommy too.

5 thoughts on “"Whimsical Girls"

  1. Hi I just came across your site on accident and wanted to tell you how much I like it. I haven't gotten to look at it all yet because it's late and my fur baby wants to go to bed, but I will bookmark it for sure. He's my Service Dog/Guardian Angel, Merlin(an 11 lb Shih tzu). I am disabled and about the only thing I can do on my so called "good" days is either embroidery, quilt, or surf embroidery and quilt sites. I'm so glad I found yours your disappearing nine patch looks really fun. I love your quilts for preemies. I have always wanted to do something for the NICU where my daughter, Brittany was born 25 years ago. She was 10 weeks early and was touch and go for quite some time. She came home on machines and wore them for 1 year. We had to go through special training before we brought her home. Maybe I can get some folks to help me make some quilts for the hospital where she was born. It's much smaller than the one they sent her to the next day because she was too sick for them to take care of. Anyway I'm sorry this was so long. A little thank you turned into a long ramble. Also if I can though do you have a pattern for the purse you made for the MOM you made the quilt for. I have a new niece, and a new nephew on the way.Thanks againBlessingsTeeTee

  2. Thanks for your kind words. The Mommy bag is made using the pattern "Mini Charmer" by Quilts Illustrated. I have no idea how many of those little totes I have made since I got that pattern – they make great gifts.

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