Lil Jack

This little 5″ cutie is from Happy Hollow Designs “Pumpkin Spice Espresso Goblin Kit.” These kits come in a paper coffee cup, complete with sipper lid. Too Cute.

I have their big jack o’ lantern pattern and thought I’d do this little one to try working with the fusible quick grid that the patterns are based on. It’s pretty easy to work with, but I did have a little trouble getting those corners & points turned – guess I need to snip the corners a bit more when I do the big one.

4 thoughts on “Lil Jack

  1. are a local yocal!! I lived in Pleasant Hill for years, live in Cameron now. Found you via HapaMom's blog. My husband is from Tyler Tx, was a Baptist minister but now works for the Dept of Corrections at one of the Cameron prisons. I stay home, homeschool, and run a quilt business as I can. Nice to meet you.

  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog. I was googling disappearing nine patch and found a link to your set on point one. It is very nice! Do you know who gets the credit for the DNP design? Billy Lauder maybe? This pumpkin is just way too cute! I've not heard of the Happy Hollow Designs Kits. Very cute!

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