"Tossed Salad"

This little table runner was a special request by my mom as a thank you gift for a friend. Mom picked out the focus fabric and overall color scheme and I designed the rest, using the “Square-in-a-Square” ruler/technique. (BTW – this was my first time using the “Square-in-a-Square” – not sure how much I’ll use that ruler… it’s a real super time saver, BUT it uses tons of fabric & leaves loads of odd scraps, which could be avoided by more traditional techniques.)

The warm, Tuscan-feel fabrics are from South Sea Imports’ “First Course” line and feature salads – our friend is known for her salads – and neat bottles of olive oils and such. I did simple in the ditch quilting following the “swirls” and some of the stripes in the borders with invisible thread (so no one could see where I messed up LOL). Hope she likes it!

3 thoughts on “"Tossed Salad"

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! And a great name for that table runner! I don't have those kind of rulers yet, but looks like I might need to get myself one someday! ;-)From reading, it sounds like you don't like scraps? If you don't like scraps, please save them and bring them to me when you come down to Texas! I LOVE scraps!!!! :-DLove, Merlin

  2. It's not that I don't love scraps – I do! But I don't like having to spend extra money to buy extra fabric, just to make extra, unnecessary scraps. Does that make sense?

  3. Yes it makes sense. However, I've learned that it's best buy more than recommended because of cutting or sewing mistakes. So if we have leftovers – great for another quilting project! 8^D I'm even thinking of using those scraps I have for valances in my living room! 8^D So again, if you don't feel like saving the scraps for yourself, bring them to me! Hehehe… 😉

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