Cabbage Rose BOM

For several months now, I’ve been doing the block of the month program from Cabbage Rose Quilting in Fort Worth. Way back when it started, you only had to choose which color way you wanted and pay a small start up fee & then all the monthly blocks are free as long as you remember to order them on a certain day each month (I usually do, but sometimes end up paying the $5 “late fee”). So far I have 9 of the blocks. I have never done much with batiks so I decided to go with that option, and I haven’t been disappointed! Such pretty colors! And since they’re all traditional blocks, the piecing has been pretty easy. I did learn a really neat cool easy way to make the flying geese (used in the teal block), so I’m certain I’ll be using that again.

Here is a shot with the first 9 blocks. I think that leaves me with 3 monthly blocks to go, and then I’ll have to decide if I want to pony up for their finishing kit or create my own…

I really like all of the colors, but I’m not too sure about the block with the bright orange… kinda seems to stick out a bit. Maybe some of the last few blocks will have colors of similar intensity.

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