My Surprise Find

Not far from our house is one of those shops where you can rent a booth and sell whatever you want… candles, Avon, homemade crafts, antiques, assorted junk (trust me there’s LOTS of that category there) Honestly, I think I’ve been in there all of 3 times in the nearly 3 years we have lived here. Well, today I just happened to pop in, mostly to get ideas on what I could charge if I started selling miscellaneous craft items. I made my way through the aisles and found a booth way on the back wall with a sign indicating that the items were being sold by the family of a woman who had passed away back in October. What first caught my eye were the four 8 fat quarter bundles marked $2.50 each (usually you would pay $2.50 per FQ, right?), plus I later learned that there was a 20% off sale going on… I decided to poke around a bit further and found a non-descript plastic bag containing the above 38 applique leaf blocks. What a treasure trove! They will make a beautiful quilt top… for a whopping $20 (after the 20% came off). I told the shop owner that I would try to complete the quilt and give her a picture of it to share with the woman’s family, which she indicated they would probably like.

Hey I just finished one project today… time to add another one to the pile, right?? (Oh and I can’t post a pic of the finished project, since it’s going to someone who reads my blog 🙂 Sorry, you’ll just have to wait)

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