I’ve Got a Name: "Santa’s Blizzard Blues"

Here is the completely finished top…  The pattern is called disappearing 9-patch(Thanks Helen!). The finished size will be approx 58 x 58. It uses Moda’s “Snow Village” charm squares — you can even see Santa in his sleigh in one of the squares. Just leave a comment with your suggestion… I really need help (everything I’ve come up with is either terminally boring or terribly cheesy…LOL)


18 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Name: "Santa’s Blizzard Blues"

  1. Oh, I love this quilt! So pretty! Can’t wait to see the finished look! How about “Santa caught in a blizzard?” Sorry, can’t think of anything good either! Do tell us what your “terminally boring” or “terribly cheesy” titles were! They may actually be better than the stupid title I came up with! What do you plan to do with the quilt?

  2. I think that if you feel comfortable with critisism you should enter it to be judged, however, if you will get your feelings hurt easily just enter it to show. Sometimes as a new quilter it is good to get feedback, but I would hate for someone to hurt your feelings and make you feel like not quilting anymore. I am so bad with names… I think something about santa’s view throught he snow would be good as it could look like the grid fo streets with little houses and the blue/white snow everywhere.

  3. And it’s certainly better than my first instinct… “Hope Santa Has Long Johns”… LOL! I’ve also thought about “Christmas Eve Blizzard,” “Let It Snow,” or “A Cold Winter’s Night”! — Keep the ideas coming! I’ve got until tomorrow night…

  4. I think I’ve got it! The name I have chosen is “Santa’s Blizzard Blues.” I like the play on words, and it seems to work well for the quilt. Thanks to all who made suggestions here & over at the quilt forum!

  5. Your work is lovely — well done! Also wanted to say hi because you’re from my part of the world. I’m from Groves originally, although I live in England now with my husband and two daughters. I’ve bookmarked your site so I can come back and visit you again! Take care — Dianne in England

  6. I love this quilt. I know how to make the block but can’t make anything without pattern and have never put anything on point. Would you share or sell the layout and color directions.Vicky

  7. Hello Kathy!I found your quilt from another blog that was used as an illustration on another way to make it. After I saw the first one I loved it, after I saw yours I couldn’t help myself and took all my Kaffe Fassett charms squares and ended up with 9 blocks. What a wonderful, fun block to make. I’m just delighted to see your quilt.MaryLou, Eagle Point Oregon

  8. I really love your DNP! Tomorrow I am going to piece my first one. I am going to use a vibrant hot air balloons fabric with a really rich black. I hope it turns out good.

  9. Because this post has been so popular, it attracts more than its fair share of spam comments. I'm tired of dealing with them so I'm just closing this post to comments. Others will remain open.

  10. I love this pattern! As a brand new quilter I want to make 2 twin bed size for greatgranddaughters. I need to know how much fabric to buy for each of the nine squared for a twin. Thank you

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