Quilts of Valor

A while back I mentioned that a quilting friend of mine and I were planning to make a quilt for the Quilts of Valor program. For those who don’t recall, this organization is made of volunteers who make and donate quilts to be given to wounded American soldiers. Well, we finally got ours 100% finished (almost anyway… we still need to put a label on it…). Then we can get a final destination to send it to so it can be given to a soldier. This has been a wonderful experience, and I’d love to do more of them — I only wish I had more time to devote to this worthy cause (I hardly get any sewing time at all with homeschoolingand caring for my two rambunctious kiddos, and much of that time is spent making clothes). The best part was having someone else do the actual quilting… Anyway, please visit my quilting page to see our quilt and then maybe try making one yourself!


One thought on “Quilts of Valor

  1. Making those quilts, no doubt, will be VERY special to these soldiers who are willing to sacrifice their lives for us so we can enjoy our freedom in this country! You and your friend are to be commended for making an effort! Please continue to do the good work! God bless you two!Love,Merlin

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